One meets with many who have been fine students, who have great knowledge of medicine but very little wisdom in application. They have mastered the science, and have failed in the understanding of the human being.”
William Mayo

I view massage as a valuable tool in our lifelong process of building and maintaining good health. I never promote massage as THE answer because no health-care provider can replace our own responsibility to develop and manage an appropriate program of diet, exercise, and attitude. However, I am excited to share with you the benefits I believe you’ll find in my practice of massage and it gives me deep personal satisfaction to help you reclaim the full expression of your activities.

Massage therapy is unique in the field of healthcare, including both conventional and alternative healing approaches. As a massage therapist, I can spend a full, quality hour of hands-on attention working directly on your individual stress reduction or pain relief needs. Massage therapy stands virtually alone in this level of service, allowing the necessary time to “listen” to your body’s stress pattern and to you. It can take a full hour — I recommend the hour and a half!! — to assess and apply treatment and to allow you to access the relaxation response.

We as massage therapists are not running from room to room in an effort to see as many clients as we can in the course of an hour, nor are we under a managed care directive to limit care to 15 or 20 minutes. I understand that this means that you are paying out-of-pocket for this service and my commitment is to provide you with a health building practice to which you’ll want to return. We will work together to customize your session for maximum benefit to you.

Like other “holistic” healing arts, massage recognizes the wisdom in our body’s inner systems that function brilliantly to keep us in good health. Following the basic rule to First Due No Harm, it only makes sense to facilitate the functioning of these internal systems with the least risky and least invasive treatment available. If massage proves unsatisfactory for soft tissue dysfunction, other treatments are still available.

On its most elementary level, massage works to remove blocks in our body’s motor and circulatory systems so that these systems may move unimpeded. Yet on a higher level, we can see that when tension, resistance and blocked energy have been released, the energy fields of the body come into harmony with the finer forces that sustain life. Indeed, we are subject to the laws of energy as well as to the laws of the material world.

The goals and philosophy central to my practice are:

• To evolve as a healing art, informed by knowledge from the unfolding and the “forgotten” sciences.

• To provide more than the mere sum of practiced techniques, by offering a synthesis of my life experience expressed through the miraculous instrument – the human hand.

• To remain humble before the mystery and complexity of the sentient experience.

• To view each person as sacred and our time together as a prayer for your well-being.

“The physiological fact is that responses of nerves and glands underlie emotional states, and in fact are the emotional states.”
Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.


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