“Randall Brubaker’s muscular therapy office may be one the premier healing spaces in Boston, but it is what goes on inside that space that transforms body, mind, and spirit.

He has an exquisite sensitivity to the level of touch that each area of the body needs. Under his skilled hands, I feel tight muscles and tissues release and let go without pain.

But perhaps the most remarkable feature of a Brubaker massage is his use of breath. As he works, he breathes deeply, encouraging me to do the same, filling both lungs and tissues with fresh oxygen. Deep muscular therapy, combined with our communal “ocean waves” of breath, heals the body, calms the mind, and refreshes the spirit.

At the end of 90 minutes, I float.”


“It was training for the 2002 Boston Marathon that first brought me to Randall’s office. Massage may have proved nearly as crucial to my race preparation as running the miles.

Roughly six weeks prior to the race, my podiatrist recommended massage as part of my training. A close friend had good success with Randall, who helped free her frozen shoulder.

I quickly noticed that my sessions relieved muscle tightness and enabled me to run with more ease and natural motion. What’s more, my chronic tension headaches (typically appearing in late afternoon) were mysteriously absent. Randall certainly came to the rescue when one evening, I experienced tightness in my hip so painful that sitting up from a reclining position caused me to gasp. I knew it was just stubbornly tight muscles, but I also knew I couldn’t stretch my way out of it! I was much improved after one session and running (and walking) comfortably after the next.

What impresses me most about Randall, however, goes beyond his technical expertise. His treatment, advice, and each appointment is geared not only toward my particular goals, but to who I am as a person. Mind, body, soul, and in my case, athletic performance are one and uppermost in his care. I had a *wonderful* race day and the bodywork Randall helped me with was a tremendous part of that success. I will continue to count on him as one of my most important health care providers.” Nancy Ferrari

“My name is Peter Murphy and I play fast-pitch league softball at a very high level of competition, averaging 180 games over a five month season. Due to the amount of games I play and the level I need to play at, I suffered a torn rotator cuff.

While at a routine visit with my chiropractor, I met Randall and told him about my injury and told him I was contemplating surgery. That’s when I was introduced to massage therapy by Randall Brubaker. He started treating me in the off season once a week. By the time spring came and the new season began, I would say I was playing at about 98%. If I had done nothing, I think I would have been playing at 50% or less.

My doctor had sent me to a specialist who recommended surgery for this injury. If I had chosen to have the surgery, I don’t know at what level of play I could have returned, but I’m glad I didn’t have to heal and re-hab a ten inch scar on my shoulder, because this was not going to be an arthroscopic procedure!

I am now going on my third year of using Randall and I am looking forward to another successful season of softball.” Peter Murphy,Newton Championship Softball Player/Coach

“Randall Brubaker is an excellent massage therapist, and I feel very lucky to have found him. I first went to him for a pulled muscle on my neck. Since then he has alleviated and/or healed several different sports injuries for me. I used to have a chronic pain on the side of my calf due to running; he not only worked it out, he also showed me how to stretch to prevent it, and I haven’t experienced it again. Neither have I experienced the on and off lower back pain (from sitting in front of a computer all day long) that used to bother me. Randall helps me not only while I’m on the table, but also by teaching me how to take care of myself and prevent stress and injury. I can honestly say that I’ve been running and swimming noticeably better since going to him. I recommend him to all my friends without any reservation.” Yuin

“I’m really happy to have found Randall. About a year and a half ago the tension in my shoulder and neck area really started bothering me, so I decided to try massage therapy. After two sessions with Randall my back felt so much lighter, the soreness/tension went away and have not come back. I’ve been a regular client ever since. His massages have helped heal sports related injuries and have taken away the daily stresses that build up in my body. But most of all, every session feels great!” Lin

“Several years ago I had a “frozen shoulder.” For a full year, I couldn’t raise my left arm or put it behind my back. Moreover, it ached constantly. I tried physical therapy, which made it worse, and acupuncture, which had little or no effect. My chiropractor recommended that I see Randall for massage therapy. I had been to Randall in the past, when he helped ease my painful back by finding deep muscle knots and working carefully around them until they began to relax. His effect on my frozen shoulder was amazing. He found the “stuck” places and gently massaged them, and he moved my arm as far as it would go in every direction while I totally relaxed it. In subsequent sessions, it moved farther and farther until one day at work I realized I could reach straight up in the air again. What a relief! Randall’s knowledge of the human anatomy is impressive. During my sessions, he used wall charts of muscles and bones to show me exactly what was going on with my shoulder. He also understands the mind-body connection and always asked how I was feeling and what was going on in my life. And his massage approach is unique. He has experienced a variety of therapies himself, and he incorporates the best techniques from each into his work. I have recommended Randall to friends for several kinds of problems, and they have found him to be as caring, skillful, and effective as I have.”

“I travel a lot for business and rely on massage to get me through. I’ve had massage in 11 different countries and yours is truly special. Thank You.”

“I want an eternal appointment.”

“I feel like I’ve been to the opera.”

“Randall Brubaker has magical hands! His sensitivity to this client’s needs, aches and pains and stress is amazing. He is able to locate trigger points as well as just plain knotted muscles and to work through the problems in ways that truly restore body and mind. I give him my highest recommendation!”

“I started receiving massage from Randall in 1994. In the early stages of acute-onset Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was suffering from ongoing muscle, joint and body pain and severe nausea. There was/is no effective conventional treatment protocol for CFIDS and I was seeking various alternative therapies to improve my condition. Not only did I experience a dramatic improvement from my work with Randall, it has been the single most effective therapy in my struggle to recover, with positive results from chiropractic and acupuncture running a distant second. Randall’s knowledge of medical and therapeutic massage techniques has been invaluable. Prior to my work with him, I was unconvinced of the therapeutic value of massage, beyond the benefits of relaxation. In short order, I needed no convincing.

When I was flattened by CFIDS in 1994, I was bedridden for several months, severely dysfunctional for many more, and have gradually made improvement. While I cannot attribute my gains solely to my massage work, I KNOW that it has been the biggest factor in my recovery. (Lifestyle factors such as diet, moderate exercise, stress management, vitamins and supplements, etc. have also been important.) I would wholeheartedly recommend Randall to anyone, particularly to someone struggling with Chronic Fatigue and/or Fibromyalgia. He has had a real, significant, positive impact on my health and on my life.

I have given gift certificates and have recommended him to others. To date, he has worked on five of my family members and friends, including my father, who at 70 had never received massage, primarily because he hadn’t felt comfortable enough to do so. It was particularly satisfying to me because my Dad not only found it enjoyable and beneficial but was now able to experience massage because Randall’s manner and presence provided the comfort level needed for my Dad to take the plunge!! Also, a friend of mine who I brought to see Randall remarked that he was used to massage that was generally painful to some degree, and was perplexed that when Randall was finished with him he felt so good and wasn’t SORE!

What really sets Randall apart from other therapists is not only his level of skill but his obvious commitment to his clients’ well-being, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. His caring, holistic approach to his work is a gift to anyone fortunate enough to experience it. For eight years I’ve been a more than satisfied client. (He’ll even remember your favorite soothing music 🙂


“I first went to see Randall when I was suffering from sharp hip pain while training for the 2004 Boston Marathon, which was my first marathon. Our first session was about four months before the marathon. At that time, I was not sure if my hip or the rest of me would hold up during the long training process. Through frequent sessions with Randall, he helped me alleviate my hip pain and keep my muscles/joints in working order during the training program and marathon. I am proud to say that I completed my first Boston Marathon in what was an extremely hot and difficult day. Without Randall’s frequent deep-tissue work and therapeutic skills, I do not think I would have stayed healthy enough to complete the training program and race itself. Randall uses aggressive techniques that are necessary to get at deep muscle pain and provides beneficial results that can not be replicated through other approaches like acupuncture, chiropractic or stretching.

I am now in the process of training for my second marathon, the New York Marathon, and frequent sessions with Randall are an integral part of my training regimen. I strongly recommend Randall’s services to any serious athlete or anyone with serious pain.”

Josh H

“I had the pleasure of having Randall’s chair massage at my office as part of a Secretary’s Day celebration. He was a big hit with all of us– those who had experienced massage and those for whom this was a first. We all agreed that we should make this an annual treat. ‘He rubbed us the right way’ as one employee said.”

Susan Lelyveld, Office Manager, Epstein, Ballenger & Goldstein MDs P.C.


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